– Sights

Orheiul Vechi – The archaeological and ecclesiastical complex at Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei), about 50km north of Chisinau, is the country’s most important historical site and a place of stark natural beauty.

Occupying a remote, rocky ridge over the Raut River, the complex is known for its Cave Monastery, but also includes baths, fortifications, and ruins ranging from the earliest days of the Dacian tribes more than 2000 years ago through the Mongol and Tatar invasions of the early Middle Ages and the time of Stefan cel Mare.

Fortress of Soroca – This gloriously solid behemoth on the Dniestr dates from 1499 when Moldavian Prince Stefan cel Mare built a wooden fortress here. It was rebuilt in stone later and given its circular shape, with five bastions. Today those bastions contain medieval-themed exhibits, with a few English placards posted about that shed light on the history of the fortress.

Rock Monastery of Tipova – The fantastic Tipova Cave Monastery is built into cliffs that tower some 200m above the Dniestr River’s right (west) bank, in the tiny village of Tipova some 95km northeast of Chisinau. The monastery consists of three religious chambers and monastic cells linked by precarious steps built into the rock face. The oldest of the three chambers, the Elevation of the Holy Cross cave church, is thought to date from the 11th century. The newest chamber, the Dormition of Our Lady cave complex (15th century), houses an active church and a small museum.

MIMI Castel – At a distance of 30 km from Chisinau, in the village Bulboaca is located Mimi Castle, which is a destination of international interest, unique in Moldova. The Mimi Castel appears in the top 15 of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world of wine. Castle story begins in 1893 when Constantin Mimi, the last governor of Bessarabia, planted the first seedlings of grape vines on the site that would become legend over the years.

Crivova – Of Moldova’s many vineyards, Cricova is arguably the famous one. Its underground wine kingdom, 15km north of Chisinau, is one of Europe’s biggest. Some 60km of the 120km-long underground limestone tunnels – dating from the 15th century – are lined wall-to-wall with bottles. A truly underground Wine City where the streets are named after Wine Varieties (Cabernet Street, Legenda Plaiului, Merlot, Chardonnay, etc.).

– Monasteries

  • Capriana Monastery (1429) is one of the oldest and most famous monasteries in Moldova.
  • Hincu Monastery (1678) is the most famous women’s monastery in Moldova.
  • Curchi Monastery is an architectural monument o f the 17th century.

– Wine Tours in Moldova

Ask someone to name Europe’s great wine destinations and chances are you’ll wait a long time before they say Moldova. That’s not surprising, as this sliver of a country wedged between Romania and Ukraine is one of Europe’s least visited destinations and rarely comes up in conversation in any context. It’s true, though – the wines are fabulous.

  • Cricova – The cellars of Cricova are the most famous and best tourist ready winery to visit in Moldova, holding more than 1 million bottles.

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  • Purcari Winery – As well as creating some of Moldova’s finest vintages, Purcari Wineryoffers luxurious accommodation in its eight-room boutique hotel overlooking a small lake.

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  • Château Vartely – Fine Moldovan and European specialties and homegrown wines are served in the classical-style Château Vartely restaurant. Guests can also relax on the cozy courtyard terrace and enjoy a glass of delicious wine while admiring a beautiful sunset.

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  • Milestii Mici – The impressive wine cellars at Milestii Mici, 20km south of Chisinau near the town of Ialoveni, stretch for some 200km, holding about 1.5 million bottles – which makes this the world’s largest wine collection, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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  • Branesti – The underground kingdom “Pivnitele din Branesti” (Branești Cellars) is located in a scenic area in the coast of Orheiul Vechi. It always arouses astonishment of numerous local and foreign visitors. “Pivnitele din Branesti” have a total area of 75 ha, stretching on a distance of 58 km at a depth of 60 m under the ground.

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  • Château Cojusna – Just 13km northwest of Chisinau, Château Cojusna vineyard offers friendly and affordable tours in a quieter setting than the bigger and more popular wineries at Cricova and Milestii Mici.

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  • Ascony Winery – Here, the primary focus is the production and sale of wines tailored for each specific market that they operate in, emphasizing the best possible price to quality ratio. A winery that produces a wide selection of wines.

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  • MIMI Castel – Two underground cellars is the first and last stage of a guided tour in authenticity and excellent wines from Castel MIMI. Here, the grapes are handpicked from the sunny vineyards. Mimi Castel wine traditions converge with advanced technology in wine production.

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  • Et Cetera Winery – A relatively new, family-owned winery 130km southeast of Chisinau is tailor-made for a countryside wine-and-food retreat can offer a highly personal service and a rustic and delightful atmosphere.

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– Agroturism

  • Eco Resort Butuceni – the householders of Eco Resort Butuceni had set an objective that whoever would pass in their house to fell as good as an Moldovan feels at mother’s home. For long trips you can take a carriage pulled by oxen and go throughout the main road and enjoy the marvelous view of the river “Raut”.

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  • Hanul lui Hanganu – a perfect choice for a quiet, full of emotions and positive energy holiday.

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  • Fata Morgana – is located in Molovata village on the right bank of Dniestr river, 55 km from Chisinau. A beautiful view of the river which flows slowly through rocky hills picture almost mountain lake landscapes, water springs in the valleys with their crystal clear and refreshing water are sources for many tiny rivers.

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  • Hanul lui Vasile – located near the rocky monasteries of Tipova and Saharna.

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  • Doi Haiduci – a unique touristic and leisure complex located by the National Park – Codrii of Moldova.

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